January 2019


January 2019

Introducing Chamber 101 - Turning the digital page into the Next Century

as a free member benefit. The job postings will be listed under the “Schuylkill County” tab on the website. To be added to the job board, you must simply submit the position information to our Communications and Marketing Director, Danielle Laudeman. Information needed includes: Job title, qualifications, description, a link or email address the viewer can be sent to for submission of application or additional information, as well as the length you would like the position to be listed for. The Chamber is excited to be able to offer this free benefit to our members. We are honored to be able to help our members recruit to fill open positions in our county.

The Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce is very excited to announce the launch of the “Chamber 101- turning the digital page into the new century”. Starting January 1, 2019, you can expect to see changes in our communication method, as well as more of an online and social media presence. Our staff is working very hard to keep the Chamber progressing and moving forward. The first change you can be on the lookout for is our monthly newsletter the “Communicator.” In December, we sent out post cards in the newsletter, membership decals, as well as email and posting on our social media platforms. We announced that we are going to be moving the newsletter online to enhance our member’s benefits. By moving the newsletter online, we are going to be able to provide a full-colored document, making for a sleek and enjoyable read. We are also going to be able to add short membership spotlight videos each month, highlighting the amazing work our members do for our community. Next, all ads and links will be fully equipped to take the viewer to our participating members websites or social media pages. Lastly, moving the online document will give us better analytics to track what our readers enjoy most about the Communicator. Another change coming in January will be a facelift to our Weekend Update. It will continue to be released every Friday at 11 a.m., but will exclusively feature member events. The events will be posted 60 days prior to the event or deadline date. Links provided will allow visitors to be taken to websites or social media pages for more information about the event. Additionally, we will continue to promote member-2- member discounts through a link provided at the bottom of the email.. By making these changes we are hoping for a more enjoyable read and direct spotlight to our member’s events. Aside from an updated communication method, we will also be promoting job postings to our website,

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